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Looking to finance your instrument purchase?


ER Music Gallery can help!


There are several options you can choose for financing.






Paypal Credit gives you 6-months of 0% interest.
See the Paypal website for processing details.







With Piano Credit Company, you can choose the months to finance
with up to 60 months upon making 10% down payment from the full cost of instrument purchase.
The number of months to finance will determine the interest rate based on your credit score.


For the 60 months financing plan, you will receive up to 9.99% interest rate for keyboard instruments and
12.99% for any other instruments. Rate percentage will vary depending on your credit score.





Consult with ER Piano via email, live-chat, or phone call. We will provide you with your application. Reply back to us with the completed application. Make sure to note the number of months you choose to finance.


ER Piano will submit the application to First Mutual Financial and/or Piano Credit Company on your behalf. The choice of the financing company will depend on your situation. (credit score, number of months to finance, cost of the purchase, etc.)


Financing company will review the application. This process takes as short as 10 minutes. To be approved for financing, you must be in financially good standing with good credit score. ER Music Gallery is not liable for approval or declination for financing. Once approved, submit a copy of your Drivers License. This information will be forwarded to the financing company.


Financing company will send e-document directly to your email. Review these documents for detailed information and complete the e-signature process.


Make down payment. The Piano Credit Company and First Mutual Financial require 10% down payment.


ER Music Gallery will ship your instrument upon agreement of both parties (customer and the financing company). Click here for ER Music Gallery’s shipping benefits and information.


Enjoy your instrument! Make monthly payments directly to the financing company.